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10 Tips for wearing perfume in Malaysia’s hot weather

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It’s no secret that Malaysia is hot, there are times where the heat makes perfume disappear very quickly. So what can you do to wear perfume in hot weather?

Here are 10 tips for wearing parfum in Malaysia:

1) Use less perfume!

Use a tiny quantity of parfum and sparingly. Because of the heat in Malaysia, the scent will be quite strong. For an entire day, 2-3 spritzes are usually sufficient. Lighter fragrances like citrus, fresh and aquatic notes tend to be better for hot weather because they’re not very intense.

2) Before deciding what to wear, check the weather forecast.

If the forecast says it will be very hot in the day, choose a lighter scent. If it’s going to rain at night, you can wear heavier scents.

3) Layering your fragrances adds depth and complexity to your scent. If you have more than one fragrance, try mixing them on one wrist or neck so that you may change scents as the weather changes.

4) When you want to wear perfume, use unscented products. Shampoos, conditioners, and laundry detergents that contain odors can alter the length of time your fragrance stays on the skin. The fragrance may sometimes undergo a dramatic transformation!

5) Don’t spray perfume on your hair. When you put perfume in your hairline, the scent might become altered or completely gone, leaving your hair greasy. Instead, spray a little on your hairbrush before brushing your hair. Your skin gets oily when it’s hot, so try using lotions that have a little bit of oil in them, this way the perfumes will stay on your skin longer. Some people even recommend applying face powder before you apply parfum because it will keep the scent from evaporating from your skin so quickly.

6) At the end of the day, you might want to spritz some perfume again. However, if it’s been a few hours since application, consider skipping this step. Because your skin has already absorbed most of what you apply initially, it may not smell the same after a few hours.

7) When applying perfume, don’t rub your wrists together. The molecules of your fragrance will be broken down and changed in composition as a result of this action, making it seem different from when you first sprayed it on!

8) Keep your perfume out of the light and heat. Heat can cause your perfume to alter or evaporate, while light can discolor the bottle. If it’s really hot where you are, keep your perfume in the fridge. This way it will stay fresh for longer and last up to 25% more.

9) Consider stashing your favorite perfume in your bag for later if you’re at the beach or pool during the day. With time, the salt water may harm your fragrance.

10) Don’t spritz perfume on your white clothing; it may leave a mark! To ensure that it does not stain the fabric, test it on a tissue first.

Do you have any other tips for wearing perfume in Malaysia or other hot countries? Share with us by commenting below!

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